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ForeMost Base Hospital

"Primum non nocere"( first and foremost cause no harm)

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Here at ForeMost Base Hospital, we do offer the best medical care via our dedicated team of medical experts,who are passionate about delivering quality medical services to build, sustain our patient's confidence by prompt attention, thorough assessment, early sensible diagnosis, precise treatment and pragmatic information management with patients and relations.


ForeMost Base Hospital limited was founded in 2004 by Dr. Roberts, a renowned Gynaecologist and has an excellent rich history of care and comfort to many residents of the South west Nigeria and beyond and also by extension Ibadan. The hospital is a one-storey building located along No.1 Rufai Street, N6A/958A, Coca-Cola, Ibadan coming through along Mokola Road modern clinical equipment and dedicated staff Most of which are are core healthcare professionals. We are ForeMost Base Hospital are committed to the provision of compelling quality timeless medical services to our patients. One of our clear objectives is to maximally exploit medical sciences in the art of health management and preservation of human life with no harm to the person. We're NHIS Accredited and certified and also Our pharmacy offers a full pharmaceutical service to inpatients and outpatients covering Dispensing of inpatient medication, discharge medication and private outpatient prescriptions are all part of your daily services and many more. ForeMost Base Hospital is very active in research and is keen to push forward the boundaries of knowledge in General surgery and the effectiveness of treatments

Each of ForeMostBase Hospital & Maternity's staff is committed to helping our patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, recover from any illness or disease or to care for them during an emergency.

Our Main goals are :

  • Ensuring Patient satisfaction assessed by regular feedback.
  • Maintaining Excellent results in patient care.

Ibadan Nurses

.. "Primum non nocere"( first and foremost cause no harm)

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