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ForeMost Base Hospital Homepage
Welcome to ForeMost Base Hospital limited...

...At ForeMost Base Hospital Ltd, absolute care is at the very heart of our DNA, matter of fact, the sheer commitment of our staff, partners to our mission permits us to maintain a quality of presence and tradition of caring for our patients ensuring no harm during their visit and after-their-visit is the hallmark of ForeMost Base Hospital.

However, with our private wards fitted with good air-conditioners, patient-friendly environment, stand-by generating plant and 24-hours emergency - we offer good medical interventions, maintain high professional integrity.Respect the person and right of our patients, observe all medical safety considerations. Itmight interest you to know we are NHIS Accredited provider with Reg No. OY/0348/P, OY/0349/S .The medical care given here at ForeMost Base Hospital is based on simple respect of human dignity. Our Hospital strive to maintain sound ethical practices in the care of sick persons in addition to counselling. It doesn't matter whatever illness you have - you have a medical care hospital you can confide in to get your better even if you're visiting Ibadan for the first time.

Management is run best hand, Hospital Manager with a team of professionals working full-time and also part-time professionals drawn from diverse medical fields that to ensure you have the best possible medical care anytime you visit.

Welcome to ForeMost Base Hospital World.

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In health care our top priorities, above all else, are to keep our patients safe with high-quality care.

..Easy access to healthcare for our patients and everyone

Theatre Room

Entrance to our Emergency and theatre room

ForeMost Base Hospital Homepage

24/7 Ambulance Services

Because every second counts in a medical emergency, we attach utmost importance to this service, as well as the medical personnel attached to it.

Patients Success Stories

  • They gave us so much hope. You go in and they treat you like you are a part of their family with so much care, Nurses there are friendly throughtout our stay at ForeMost Base Hospital

    Allison Ukwagwu

  • Dr. Roberts always available on phone and anytime in case of emergencies. His support to my Mom and the family during the time of surgery was incredible. Thank you ForeMost Base

    Emerald Dominic

  • ForeMost Base Hospital was recommened to me by a friend while i visited Ibadan during my vacation, first thing i noticed he's easily approachable and trustworthy - Something i hardly see in other hospitals

    Omoniyi Storm

  • �Many thanks to Dr Roberts he's such a highly professional Surgeon who is caring and sensitive and knows his onions.Very comfortable to discuss my sensitive medical problems with�.

    Dennis Marquis

  • I and my family thank the Doctor and his entire medical team for fast recovery of my Mother's health.They have taken proper care of her in professional manner.

    Ohmar Fatimah

  • I find no words to thank ForeMost Base Hospital Management team for their kind services and dedicated staff who are managing the hospital very well. Best wishes for the hospital.

    Mrs Adautin

  • I am grateful to ForeMost Base Hospital team for thier medical treatment throughout the period of my stay in Ibadan.I will gladly say ForeMost Base is superb when in terms healthcare delivery.

    Didi Leo

  • �I am grateful to ForeMost Base Hospital team for thier medical treatment throughout the period of my stay in Ibadan.I'll gladly say ForeMost Base is superb�.

    Didi Leo

.. "Primum non nocere"( first and foremost cause no harm)